Comet Versa
Comet Versa, the ultimate all-rounder

Slotting in between the Zero and the Trio, the new Comet Versa is an amazingly versatile dinghy, roomy enough for three adults yet can easliy be sailed singlehanded.

Sailed with just the mainsail, the Versa is a very steady and extremely comfortable singlehander. Unfurl the jib and she becomes a great family dinghy with secure "sit in" seats, ideal for children. The ability to have oars, outboard motors and stowage lockers make the Versa great fun for family holidays.

Comet Versa

For more excitement, the addition of the asymmetric spinnaker on a swivelling pole turns the Versa into a modern style racer that is exciting without the demands of the more extreme dinghies.

Comet Versa

Unusually for a dinghy with a jib the Versa can be raced singlehanded with a
jib, but if you want to race with a spinnaker, you must carry a crew.

Versa Dimensions
3.96 m
1.65 m
Sail Area Mainsail
73 sq ft
6.78 sq m
Sail Area Jib
25 sq ft
2.32 sq m
Sail Area Spinnaker
75 sq ft
6.97 sq m
Hull Weight
209 lbs
95 kg